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Refyned Strategic Group

Career Advancement Experts in helping Executives & Professionals successfully progress their careers by equipping them with the branding, coaching and resources to flourish

Refined = "Refyned"


  1. "The Process of Removing Impurities or Undesirable Elements from something to Enhance its Value"

  2. "Improving a Method, Plan or System by Implementing Small Changes in order to make it More Engaging, Comprehensive and Accurate"

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Refyned Strategic Group understands how overwhelming, time consuming & frustrating finding a new job or advancing your career can be. 

Because of this, we use a Hands-on & Consultative approach to help guide you every step of the way!

Whether it's a new updated resume, improving your interview skills or updating your LinkedIn Profile to stand out for recruiters, we'll make sure you are equipped with every resource available so you're ALWAYS presenting your "Best-Self"

Resume Writing  |  Cover Letter 
LinkedIn Optimization  |  Professional Branding


Tools for Getting the Interview

  • Initial 1-on-1 Consultation to discuss:

    1. What you're wanting assistance with

    2. Review of your current Resume, Cover Letter  & Branding Strategy

    3. Recommendations & Customized Plan 

  • Create/Update a Personal Customizable Resume 

  • Cover & Thank-You Letters

  • Customizable & Editable Resume Templates

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization

  • Update your Professional Profile Picture 

  • Customized Business Cards 

  • Professional Profile Webpage


Investing in Yourself & Career

  • Walk You through EVERY Step of the Interview Process

  • Pre-Interview Preparation for all stages of the processes 

    • (Phone Screen, Video Interview, HR/Hiring Manager/Panel Interview styles)​

  • Role-play Interview Scenarios & Common/Unique Questions

  • Skills-Personality Assessment & Review

  • Career & Compensation Advancement

  • Application & Interview Tracking Management

  • Tips for a smooth Job Relocation

  • Salary Negotiation

  • Professional Interview Attire

  • Explaining Compensation & Employment History

  • Negotiating Salary/Compensation

  • Post-Interview Debrief Discussions 

  • Follow-up/Next-Step Planning

  • Provide you a 1-Page Detailed Company Overview

  • Job Search Strategies 

  • Application/Interview Tracking Templates

Our Tools, Resources & Strategies Used

Resume Writing 
LinkedIn Optimization 
New Professional Picture
Job/Career Planning
Job Search Strategies

Cover Letters 
Thank You Letters
Interview Preparation

Personal Branding
Application Tracking 

Resume Writing

  1. Create (Revise) a Unique Professional Resume

  2. Conduct a Phone consultation with myself to discuss experience

  3. Utilize proven resume formats that gets employers’ attention.

  4. Keyword optimized to get through Applicant Tracking Systems.

  5. Personalized draft turned around within 3-5 business days

  6. Make up to 3 rounds of comprehensive revisions

  7. Your final resume emailed to you in Word & PDF

Resume Template

Application & Interview
Organization Tracking

  1. Utilize our Tracker/Journal Template during your job search process to:

  2. Stay organization when tracking every job you've applied to 

  3. Organize your interview notes in real time to reference back to compare when making your decision

  4. Journal your post-interview thoughts, feelings or additional questions for the next interview

  5. Make sure nothing falls between the cracks like a follow-up thank you email.

Application Tracker

LinkedIn Optimization

  1. LinkedIn is the largest online professional network, with over 400 million members.

  2. According to LinkedIn, having a picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed! ​

  3. Knowing how to build and present a snapshot of you in a profile is essential to all career progression. 

  4. 70% of employers find their candidate on LinkedIn

  5. 90% of all recruiters/ hiring manger's will review your LinkedIn prior to calling/meeting you for an interview

LinkedIn Optimization

Job Searching Best Practices

  1. Resources & Methods to Job Hunting

  2. Best practice for finding & matching with the best opportunities for you

  3. Utilizing professional connection as "Centers of Influence" to enhance your effort

  4. How to leverage LinkedIn and other job sourcing website

    1. Set up specific alert for you

    2. Get employee to start finding you 

  5. Career Fair & Networking Groups

  6. How to ask a connection to put a good word in for you

Job Searching

New Professional Picture

  1. We will take new pictures (if necessary) with editing to create the best professional image of you

  2. Having and updating a Professional Picture is a must in today culture. ​

  3. Cropped or cell phone pictures are a poor representation of you and what you can provide. 

  4. 90% of Employers will look you up on LinkedIn or Google prior to an interview, which mean they are creating a perspective of who you are before you even meet

Linkedin Optimization professional picture

Ideal Job | Career Path

You've probably thought about your idea job, but have you ever took to time to review personality assessments, past positions/companies and actually put into writing your ideal job description?

Review your Strengths & Weaknesses | Industries are you targeting 

Do you want to Manage people | How much travel do you prefer

What type of Company Culture & Values are you best aligned with?

Do you work best; by yourself or in a team?

Career Path Options ideal career

Cover Letters | Follow-Up Letters

  1. Your "Cover Letter" gives you the  ability to "tell your story" and compliment your custom resume

  2. It articulates your experience and how you'd add value to the company

  3. It expresses specifically how your past experiences are aligned which the position to great maximum value

  4. It elaborate on why you'd be the best person for that position and a great culture fit 

  5. "Thanks You Letter" are another necessary step after every interview which we'll help you customize

Resume Template

Interview Preparation

Weather you're brushing up on your interview skills or about to have a interview for your dream job, you can never be over prepared

  1. 1-hour coaching calls to talk about and/or role play around

    • Handling a phone, 1on1, panel or day-long interactive interview

    • Best question to ask during an interview

    • Dress code for all interview types

Interview Preperation

Compensation | Benefits Negotiation

  1. How to articulate your ROI and achievement to potential employers

  2. Analyzing/ Reviewing your current compensation vs market value

  3. Answering past compensation interview questions to maximize your future offer

  4. How to appropriately and effectively make a case for a pay increase during an annual review or whenever justified

  5. Insight into how corporate policy and pay scales actually work

  6. Leveraging other offers to effectively increase your comp. 

  7. Building a core belief as to what you're value is

 Compensation | Benefits Negotiation

Multiple Offers Analysis

In this market, it's very common to get multiple offers, including a counter-offer from your current employer.

  1. Use us as a sounding board to Analysis each opportunity by: 

  2. Role & Responsibility compared to your wants

  3. Salary vs. average hours worked (Effecting pay dilution)

  4. Bonus history, Benefits cost & quality

Multiple Job Offers
Image by Sean Pollock

Our Tools, Resources & Strategies Used

Personal Summary Website
Top Interview Questions
Behavioral Assessments
Interviewing Company Bio

Annual Goal Planner
Navigating Career Change
Types of Interviews Prep
Branding & Business Cards

Professional Summary Website 

  1. Creating a personal online website which showcases you, experience summary and achievements and contact information​

  2. Recommended for anyone at a Director or higher level

  3. Creates an e elevated of professionalism to employers

Personal Bio Website

Annual Goal Planner

Creating and tracking your personal, profession and financial goals is the foundation to anyone who's ever been successful. ​

  1. A goal planner will keep you on focused on hitting your weekly, quarterly, annual goals 

  2. Successful professionals:

    • Plan their daily the night before

    • Review their goals and progress daily/weekly

Goal Planner

Interview Questions Preparation

  1. 77% of recruiters see typos or poor grammar as dealbreakers, 35% feel the same about unprofessional email addresses.

  2. 39% of the candidates leave a bad impression due to their overall confidence level, voice quality, or lack of a smile.

  3. 33% of interviewers decide whether or not they want to hire a candidate during the first 90 seconds of a job interview.

  4. Body language can constitute more than 50% of what we are communicating to our interviewer.

  5. Over 75% of hiring managers use behavioural interview questions to test soft skills

  6. 47% of interviewers say they wouldn’t choose a candidate who has little knowledge of the company.

  7. 71% of interviewers will pass on a candidate who isn’t appropriately dressed. 

  8. 90% of people who use an interview coach get a job offer as twice as fast as job seekers who don’t prepare

  9. 74% of HR managers prefer structured interviews. 

Top Interview questions

Navigating a Career Change Successfully

Changing Jobs let alone Career takes a lot of reflections and analyses! Ask yourself:

  1. What do I like most about my current or past roles?

  2. What do I not like?

  3. What drives me beyond industry, perks, or day-to-day responsibilities in my current job?

  4. What kind of growth opportunities do I want to see in my career?

  5. What’s missing in my role or industry, and how would a new industry help find that?

  6. Consider what (and who) motivates and inspires you.

  7. Take stock of your current skills and those you will need to develop.

  8. Create a resume focusing on Skills vs. Experience

Career Advancement

Personality Assessments 

Understanding your own character traits can be a powerful tool when deciding your career path. Additionally, this self-awareness could give you an advantage when being assessed by potential employers. Taking a personality test could help you to:

  1. Understand your own skills and interests

  2. Be aware of potential challenges in a given work role or environment

  3. Identify promising career paths

  4. Present yourself positively to employers

  5. Identify ideal work environments and relationships

Personality Assessment

What to Expect during Each type of Interview

Just knowing how to answer "Interview Questions" aren't enough!

- Employer are listening how you sound over the phone, present over video or what you're attire/background look like.

- In person one on one interview will be your 1st in person so they're evaluating you and making a judgement within the 1st 30 seconds.

- Lastly, panel interview are meant to trip you up and see how you handle the pressure of several sets of eyes and ears on you simultaneously!

- The only way to be fully prepared with great answers while remaining calm, collected & confident is practicing through "Mock Interviews". 

Phone Interview
1 on 1 interview
Video Interview
Panel Interview

1-Page Company Overview for Interview

Save time when preparing for an interview but using our Organized 1 page document summarizing: 

  1. The Company Overview 

  2. Mission, Values & Beliefs

  3. Size in terms of revenue, locations, employees

  4. Background on interviewer & Key Employees

  5. Recent News, Acquisitions, Hiring/ Downsizing Trends

  6. Affiliated Companies or Partners

  7. *Company Culture Insight (may be limited depending on the company)

Researching company before interview

Personal Business Cards

  1. Creating a professional business card which include you, picture, contact info & areas of expertise.

  2.  Perfect for networking, interviews, or staying connecting with important contacts.

  3. Digital Business Cards are the new and easiest way to exchange contact info

Business Card

Resume Examples

Resume #1

Cover Letter Template

 Resume #4

Resume Template

 Resume #7

Resume Template


Resume Template

Resume #2

Resume Template

 Resume #5

Resume Template

Resume #8

Resume Template

Resume #11

Resume Template
Resume #3
Cover Letter Template

Resume #6

Resume Template

Resume #9

Resume Template

Resume #12

Resume Template

Cover Letter Examples

Cover Letter #1

Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter #4

Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter #2

Cover Letter #1

Cover Letter #5

Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter #3

Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter #6

Cover Letter Template


Job Hunting & Career Advancement can be Overwhelming, Confusing & Frustrating, so DON'T do It ALONE! We're here to walk you through every step of the way!

Refyned Strategic Group views a parsons Job, Compensation &  Advancement Potential, to be one of the Most Important factors during a persons or families life. 


After a death of a loved one & relocating/moving, finding your next job is the most stressful time for a human.

These things determines you/your families lifestyle, happiness, flexibility to enjoy life, the quality of your kids education or if/when you're able to retire!

In our opinion, people waste money on things they don't need and maybe cant afford, when they should be investing in themselves through coaching & growing invaluable career development skills to impact your future earning potential long term!

DEFINITION of INSANITY:​ "Repeating the same things over and over and expecting different results"

About Us

Jeff Tiefenthaler

Jeff Tiefenthaler

Refyned Strategic Group

Owner | Resume Writer | Career Advancement Coach

c: (469) 792-3329  (Good with Texting)


Jeff brings 15+ years of  extensive experience in Workforce Solutions, Executive Recruitment, Talent Acquisition,  Managed Consulting Services, Transformational Strategies, Resume Writing and Career Progression Coaching to Refyned Strategic Group & his loyal clients.

Jeff’s obsession has been Helping his Candidates Find New Opportunities & Advance their Professional Careers; while simultaneously providing Candidates, Resources & Solutions to Company's for strategic hiring & project needs.

Working with both Candidates & Clients everyday, Jeff has been able to observe & understand the hiring psychology & industry trends used for the decision making processes amongst hiring managers & organizations when it comes to hiring, firing, pay raises and promoting  employees.

Major Accomplishments: 

  • Has Interviewed 20,000+ professionals, Placed 3,000+ candidates in new jobs or projects and Coached 5,000+ professionals with Resume Writing, Interview Preparation and/or other Career Coaching activities.

  • Have Relationships or Worked with 1,500+ Businesses & Corporations across Dallas/Fort-Worth & the Midwest

  • Lead the Robert Half Dallas Office to #3 in the World while recording record growth 5 consecutive years.


Jeff was born & raised in Western Iowa. Upon graduation from Iowa State University with double majors' in Finance & Management, Jeff started a successful mid-sized Financial Advisory Firm which he sold after 8+ years to take a corporate leadership role where he supported 10,000+ Financial Advisors across the country. Jeff began his Recruiting/ Consulting career after moving to Dallas in 2013. He's worked for Robert Half for 5+ years before getting recruited by several other midsized Recruitment Firms & Private Equity groups who needed a proven individual with industry success to launch a new expansion offices for them. 

Jeff launched Refyned Strategic Group in 2021 after Covid and the resulting layoffs of professionals who had been at the same company for 20 years or hadn't needed to update their resume, search for a job or interview in years. Jeff recognized the struggles and frustration unemployed candidates were experiencing as most told him "I don't even know where to start this process", so felt the need to utilize his career/employment skills and passion for helping people. This was the genesis of Refyned Strategic Group.



  • Iowa State University (Ivy School of Business)

- Bachelor of Science: Finance & Management

  • University of Alicante - Alicante, Spain

- International Business & Spanish


  • Professional Resume Writer Certification (CPRW™) 

  • Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC™) 

  • Certified Interview Coach (CIC™)

  • Texas Real Estate License - (REALTOR®)

  • Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)

  • FINRA Investment Licenses - (Series 6 | 63 |  65)

  • Life & Health Insurance License 


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Contact Us


  • Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

  • Austin, TX

  • Des Moines, IA

Cell: (469) 792-3329 (Good with Texting)

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